Some of my current favorite iPhone apps

Here are some of my current favorite iPhone apps:

  • Bump. Exchange contact information with someone else simply by bumping your two iPhones together. Free
  • Camera Genius. Zoom, repeat timer, burst mode, timestamp, “big button” to ease taking your own picture. $2
  • FastFinga. Scribble notes with your finger, save the result or email it to yourself. Great for people with sore thumbs or other keyboard-related RSD. $1
  • iTranslate. Translate a word between any of several dozen foreign languages. Free
  • Louvre. Overview of the most famous museum in the world. Free
  • Pocket Universe. Hold the iPhone up to any part of the sky and PocketUniverse will show you what you’re looking at, including sun, moon and planets. $3
  • Stanza. Nice e-book reader, can download fee-based and free content. Free
  • Terra. Similacrum of the earth from any given vantage point. Show direction of Sun, distance between two points. Move date backwards & forwards. $5