The state of the art, 25 years ago

trs1For the low, low price of just $4999, you could have all of this raw power at your fingertips:

  • 256K of memory
  • one 8″ floppy disk drive
  • unique dual-processor design

For just a skosh more money you could have two 8″ floppy drives, or splurge for a 15M hard disk. What on earth would you do with 15 whole megabytes of disk space?

And you thought there was only one…

solar-system-of-the-month1NASA  has probes on their way to Mercury, Pluto, and the asteroids Vesta and Ceres. But Great Caesar’s Ghost, why stop there? Now you can belong to the Solar System of the Month Club! Visit Gamma Hydra 4 during spring break, or Omicron Ceti 3 when Grandma and Gramdpa come to visit. You’ll find bargains in all the bazaars and markets because the dollar is very strong against the quatloo this winter. Book your flights now!